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I need a doctorOne with great bedside manner Someone others vouch for I need a good shrinkLike every sane New YorkerNeed to lose 10 pounds of guilt Want to remodel And expand my living space Can someone help me Business is growing Need to hire two key people Glad I am LinkedIn Want to sell my home5,000 Realtors all claim expertiseNeed to weed down choice Zen thinking Pick up the yellow pages. You're looking at history. A pitch and a phone number -- it's not enough anymore. We've been burned too many times or have become unwilling to machete our way through the jungle of options each claiming to be just what we're looking for. These days, saying that you're the best doesn't mean squat. We need proof. Third-party verification. The word of others. It is here, inside this reality, that the importance of social media is found. The wisdom of the collective -- the sharing of information, feedback from others -- is the Zen of Web 2.0. When searching for anything we want to find "the one" --...