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Diary of a real estate rookie

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Are we having fun yet?? It is the beginning of my second year in Manhattan real estate, and I am just starting to hit my stride. My clients are referring other clients; I wrote a book, which is reminding my friends to refer their friends; and I do a lot of writing about real estate here and elsewhere, which in its own quiet way is bringing me brainy Wall Streeters who like the way I think. And then the credit markets have the indecency to go crrrunch. Now, I started out working on Wall Street 20 years ago -- while I missed the crash of '87, I caught the mini-crash of '88, and I remember the fun of standing slack-jawed in front of a computer screen while all the little indicators flashed red and all the little lines started to point down. It was good for me, in many ways. For one thing, I got kind of used to being yelled at for things that weren't my fault, developing a thick-skinnedness that has been valuable no matter what job I'm in. I learned also that at certain moments...