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Colorado court upholds ruling in real estate commission dispute

Luxury broker sought payment based on agreement to list home

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The Colorado Supreme Court has upheld a state Court of Appeals ruling that invalidated an Aspen real estate broker's agreement to list a multimillion-dollar property for sale and ordered the agent to pay back a commission to a former client. Joshua Saslove, an Aspen broker who specializes in high-end properties, had contended that he was owed a commission for the sale of a property in 1999 based on an agreement with the sellers to list the property for sale. The sellers, though, sold the home without Saslove's assistance. A trial court had originally ruled that the listing agreement was valid and that Saslove was owed a commission for the sale of a property, though the Court of Appeals decision found that the agreement to list the property was ambiguous and not contractually binding. Robert M. Noone, a lawyer representing Saslove, said the question for the state Supreme Court was "whether the agreement, as written, was enforceable." He noted that one of the court's justices ...