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I like ideas -- good ones, bad ones, ones that escape me. I'm fascinated by the sparks that fly as ideas light up. I'm blown away by anyone who cultivates ideas, invests in them, tests them and embraces the ones that come from others as tightly as those of their own creation. There are no bad ideas -- just bad attitudes about ideas. Every time I'm proven wrong, every time an idea is rejected, I grow. Ideas are strung like blinking Christmas lights across the dark eaves of real estate. They twinkle brightly atop an often-unwelcoming façade. As each new idea lights up, as the room brightens, we can also begin to make out whose fingers are on the off switch. Clap on, clap off Last week someone clapped off an idea of mine. It came as a rebuttal to my last article, which offered an idea for how a brokerage company might take advantage of the current market mess to chart a new course. (See "Time to pick up after housing mess.") My critic, using a familiar trope, began by informing ...