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Street smarts: a lesson in social media

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A porn star attends a Debutante's Ball dressed in her best AVN attire. A traveler orders sushi at a truckstop. A real estate vendor uses ActiveRain to spam members about a new application. There are some things you just don't do. Street Smarts Gena Riede is a gentle, experienced Sacramento, Calif.-based Realtor. She is also a self-admitted social network neophyte who spent last week fighting to save her professional reputation from what amounted to a gangland attack by members of Yelp, the phenomenally popular review site. I came across Gena on ActiveRain, where she blogged about her ordeal. Her story began innocently enough at Real Estate Connect 2007, where she spent each day absorbing the possibilities of Web 2.0. Gena returned from the conference eager to jump in. "I didn't get into this business to sit in front of a computer all day," Gena offered when I called her to learn more. "I like real-world interaction, but I understand that's part of what our business is becoming. ...