Bob Bruss: smart, ethical and eager to help consumers

Tribute to a longtime friend

Last week's Latin America Real Estate Conference in Florida was jammed with interesting news on the number of baby boomers investigating a purchase south of the border, the impact of the subprime markets on international funds, and how the U.S. construction slowdown has affected the "remittances" foreign workers send back home. In the middle of pursuing at least three news stories, I received word that longtime real estate columnist and colleague Bob Bruss had passed away at age 67. The news stunned and saddened me and temporarily moved everything else to the back burner. It was like hearing about the surprising loss of a famous band leader who you thought would never stop playing. You begin to recall when and where you were when the songs were first heard. I had the pleasure of knowing Bruss, whose work appeared in more than 200 newspapers, on a variety of levels. I found it bitingly ironic that I learned of his death at an international second-home conference -- a topic he...