Best insulation for home’s crawl space

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Q: We live in a 50-year-old home that we purchased last year. Before moving in we removed the carpet and refinished the hardwood floors that had been covered for many years. We also put in fiberglass insulation wherever we had access to open walls and installed it in the attic when the roof was replaced. The only place we have not insulated is the crawl space. The floor is quite cold and we are afraid that a lot of our heat is lost or diffused from it. After reading your answer to the homeowner with the soggy crawl space, I would like to lay down the heavy plastic tarp as you recommended. I also plan on installing insulation in the crawl space. I have been doing some research and have found companies that sell expanding polyurethane foam insulation that can be sprayed. Our crawl space is tight with less than 3 feet of space. I was dreading having to staple or nail fiberglass insulation in such a tight space. However, with the polyurethane foam insulation, it would sure make my job a lo...