Mystery of the malodorous faucet

If it's not the water, it must be the drain

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Q: I moved into a brand-new home last June. When I turn on the faucet in the master bedroom there is a strong odor that smells awful. The builder's plumber came out and cleaned out the pipe underneath the sink, but the smell is still there. What do you think could be causing this and what should I should do about it? --Ayoub D. A: I am assuming that the smell is not actually coming from the water, which would be very unusual to have happen at only one faucet, so it must be coming from somewhere in the drain portion of the system. The most likely culprit is something that is trapped in the sink stopper, so you want to remove and clean that. If the stopper is not removable by simply pulling up on it, then it is held in place inside the pipe by a small lifting arm. To remove it, unscrew the small knurled nut on the side of the tailpiece, right below the bottom of the sink, and pull out the arm, freeing up the stopper. While you're at it, clean all the lifting mechanism as well...