Wainscoting improves home’s Colonial look

Do-it-yourself tips to enhance walls, windows, doors

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Q: Thank you for your article on exterior trim. Where in San Francisco can I buy the decorative plantons you describe? A: Plantons? Sounds like some kind of tropical fruit. There is no such thing as plantons, but we have referred to "plant-ons" when describing built-up interior and exterior wood trim molding. We're sure you're aware that there are many milled trim styles available in lumberyards and in the wood section of big-box home stores. But often the selection doesn't have exactly the right profile for a finicky homeowner. Sometimes even the widest casement molding is too narrow for the use a homeowner has in mind. Such is the case for Kevin, who is adding some details to his Idaho home. We've described Kevin's house before -- large rooms with 9-foot ceilings throughout give the home a more spacious feel than the 2,500 square feet it actually is. Big rooms need oversize casement and baseboard trim. Originally Kevin went for the no-case, no-base look, choosing ins...