Carnauba wax won’t cure cabinet finish

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Q: We have a 2 1/2-year-old house with cherry cabinets. The cabinets were finished in place, and the lacquer finish is now showing a white ghosting effect. The cabinet maker said we could stop this from spreading by applying carnauba wax. However, a furniture refinisher said the cabinets were sealed incorrectly, and the only proper solution is to strip off the finish and redo them. The builder said the original painter can fix them, but the painter says it's my fault, and that he guarantees his work only for a year. Help! --Patty P. A: The white ghosting that you see is typically caused by moisture in the finish, which could result from wood that had too high a moisture content when it was finished (though that's typically not the case with cabinet-grade woods); moisture in the liquid lacquer or in the spray equipment at the time of application; high humidity at the time of application; or other moisture-related problems. The typical procedure for lacquer application is one...