Older buyers, sellers don’t like ‘seniors’ label

Readers suggest alternatives to controversial real estate designation

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If you could rename the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation what would it be? We asked readers that question a couple of months ago and received more than 100 suggestions and comments. The reasons for the initial inquiry vary, but the main point is that many seniors simply don't like to be called "seniors." In addition, seniors and baby boomers are now largely commingled to include any person over the age of 55, while there are different buyer types such as move-down, empty-nest, last-time, retirement and second-home. The topic also surfaced because earlier this year the SRES designation left its 10-year California roots to officially become an active part of the official National Association of Realtors' family in Chicago. So, we thought it would be an appropriate time to reconsider the name that identifies real estate agents who complete a specialized educational program targeting persons over the age of 55. The SRES course includes topics such as disting...