Small improvements make most of utility room

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Call it what you will -- utility room, laundry room, mud room -- the names say it all. It's a place for the washer and dryer to live, a place for wet and dirty clothes to hang out, a landing point for muddy boots and chore jackets, you name it. If you have one of those multipurpose rooms and you'd like it to do even more, or at least do it more efficiently, here are a number of suggestions that allow a hardworking room to work even harder. Deal with your hang-ups: Adding a clothes pole will give you a place to hang damp clothes while they finish drying, which saves dryer time and helps prevent clothes from shrinking or wrinkling. Clothes poles can be hung on the same brackets used for closet installations, and also offer an easy way of adding another shelf above the pole. You can also make a simple and decorative clothes rack from piece of wood with pegs or metal hooks. Attach it to the wall near the door for convenient storage of coats and umbrellas. Kick your shoes off: If you're for...