Bathroom remodel bad for water heater

Improvements to ensure fast hot water backfire

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Q: My natural gas, 40-gallon water heater discharges about a quart or quart and a half of water from the relief tube every day. This seems to happen when the water heater turns itself on to heat the water, and has been going on since we had our bathrooms remodeled. At the time of the first bath remodeling, the plumbers installed plastic pipe; measured the water pressure, which they said was a little higher than normal; and installed a new relief valve and dip tube in the water heater. This increased the available hot water, but I noticed that small drips of water were now discharging from the relief tube. During the second bath remodeling, the plumbers installed a circulating pump at the water heater to ensure fast hot water, and again replaced the relief valve. In addition, they installed a water heater safety tank, which they said would compensate for any fluctuations in water pressure and stop the water discharging through the relief valve. This seemed to solve the pro...