Asthma gets worse in manufactured home

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Q: I live in an 11-year-old "Good Sense" manufactured home, and I have a worsening case of asthma, which I suspect is allergy-related. The old siding was deteriorating, and we had the rotting panels removed and replaced with vinyl, which was installed over OSB sheeting and a foil-backed foam. There is no evidence of mold in the house, except for the usual in the bathroom that I try to keep under control. I have two options: see an allergist or have the home tested for whatever can be causing my problems. Can you tell me where to go to find someone qualified in doing that kind of home testing, and what to require of them? --Alene A. A: My best advice would be to start with the allergist and try to determine what is causing the allergic reaction. I think this is the most prudent course of action for you, since you might be able to isolate and correct one or two specific things in the home and take care of the problem with minimal expense and disruption. At the same time, I ...