When buying home, don’t rely on seller’s inspectors

Overlooked defects more common than many think

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It is common for sellers to obtain inspections of their homes before they put them on the market. These reports, called presale inspections, are then assembled with the sellers' disclosures into a disclosure package of documents about the property. Disclosure packages are made available to prospective buyers who have serious interest in the property so that they can review the property information before making an offer. Sellers' reports should not be obtained with the intention of precluding interested buyers from having their own inspectors look at the property. The presale reports are made available to buyers to increase their knowledge of the property condition so that they can make solid decisions regarding whether or not to proceed with a purchase. Offers made from well-informed buyers have a better chance of resulting in a completed sale. To some sellers, getting presale reports seems like a waste of time and money. Why not just let buyers pay for their own inspection...