Tenant’s good deed brings $300 fine

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Question: I have been a tenant in a 30-unit apartment building for more than seven years. A few months back, I went to use my key in the front door of the lobby entrance to the building and the key got stuck in the lobby door. It could not be withdrawn, no matter how I wiggled it or how hard I tried. I was able to ring a friend and get in but I was concerned as no one else would now be able to enter the building with my key still stuck in the door. I could have propped the door open, but people will normally close the door due to security concerns. Since this was a Saturday morning, the management was not available and I had no idea when or if they might return before Monday, so I tried to free the key by removing the lock. I got a screwdriver from my apartment and removed the lock mechanism. Unfortunately, my key still would not release from the lock; it was stuck solid. I finally did reach the manager, who was very upset that I had removed the lock. He then informed m...