High-efficiency furnace offers big payback

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It's always a tough situation when a major appliance, such as your furnace, decides it's had enough of working for a living and chooses to quit producing any more heat. You have the heating contractor out to examine the situation, and you end up with options to repair the old furnace, replace it with a new one of the same type, or replace it with an upgraded model that is more energy efficient. In making the decision on the best course of action, you have to weigh any number of factors, and the decision that follows is typically a difficult balancing act of budget constraints, expediency, energy savings, and comfort. There's often not too much you can do about the first two considerations. If repairing the furnace can be done for $500 as opposed to several thousand dollars for a new one, that may dictate the decision. Likewise, if it's mid-winter and repairs can be done in a day when a new furnace would take two weeks to order and install, again the decision may be made ...