Can homeowner get double-hung windows to lock?

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Q: I have older double-hung windows, and would like to be able to secure them with some type of lock like what you find on newer windows. I don't want to end up gerryrigging something, and was wondering if you could point me in a more productive direction. --Sara S. A: For retrofitting single- and double-hung windows, there is a small sliding metal pin lock that mounts on top of the lower sash. The lock has a bracket that screws to the top of the lower sash frame, and then one or more holes are drilled into the side frame of the window to allow the locking pin to slide into the hole to secure the window in place. Holes can be drilled at different intervals along the frame to allow you to lock the window in the open position at different heights, and also lets you use the pin lock in conjunction with the window's original lock for additional security when the window is completely closed. Your best bet for a sash lock like this is a well-equipped hardware store or home cent...