Second-home buyers learn shocker on moving day

Cabin's most redeeming quality not included in sale

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What you see is what you get, right? Not necessarily in real estate, unless you go out of your way to document your expectations and assumptions and make them known to the seller. This is especially true in recreational properties that are in remote locations. Some years ago our neighbors purchased a large summer cabin on a mountain lake. While very few people visited the area in the winter, the couple felt they could use the cabin in cold weather because the living room included a fireplace with a new, efficient insert. They even shared with us their feeling of relief that the getaway could be heated by wood because electricity was extremely expensive in the area. They also felt they had saved some time by not having to research other insert options or freestanding wood stoves. When moving day finally arrived and they began setting boxes in the living room, they noticed the insert was gone. How could this be? If this was not a "fixture" that was to stay in the house, what...