Remodel dilemma: Paint or replace doorknobs?

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Q: To get the particular look I want in my home, I have used Rustoleum to paint the brass on the fireplace. I also used copper and black to give the bathroom light fixtures and towel racks a bronze look. Can you explain how to paint the door levers since they will be touched daily? Can the bathroom faucets be painted from "gold" look to "bronze" look? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. --Della W. A: Sorry, but there's not much you can effectively do to change the colors of the knobs or faucets. About the only suggestion I would have would be to check into having them powder-coated, which can be done in any number of colors. However, that still requires removing and reinstalling the knobs, faucets, etc., and you would have to make sure that the powder coating process does not interfere with how everything operates afterward. It also might affect any warranties on the knobs or faucets. All in all, unless these items are of great value to you ...