Install grab bars in shower with ease

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A few weeks ago, Kevin was cruising the aisles of the Home Depot near his home in Eagle, Idaho, trying to decide whether to spring for a new cordless drill or to replace the battery in his trusty but old 9.6-volt Makita. He noticed a man in a quandary next to him in the tool aisle. The man was trying to figure out how to drill a hole in ceramic tile. Since there wasn't a salesperson to be found this Saturday, the man asked Kevin how to do it. Kevin asked him what he was trying to do. Install a grab bar in a shower was the response. The question brought back some memories for Kevin. Over the past couple of years, he's installed these critical safety aids for our Uncle George in Hawaii and for our mother in Eagle. Two years ago, George had open-heart surgery and spent a good deal of time in a rehabilitation center recuperating. He lives alone in a high-rise condo near Makaha Beach on Oahu. Before the doctor would cut him loose, the condo needed a few safety devices. Thro...