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Don’t be fooled: fence-sitters are not buyers

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Dear friend/person who read something I was quoted as saying in the media/random blogger: Thank you so much for your thoughts on the state of the housing market. I was most impressed with your emphatic declaration that real estate is currently overpriced and that the nearly 70 percent of Americans who own their own homes are "just a bunch of ninnies." It is not always easy to be smarter than two-thirds of the country, but you, with your smug declaration that you would "continue renting till prices fall 50%" are clearly some kind of exceptionally far-sighted genius. The fact that you may have previously come to me as a potential client, only to be told that your target housing would cost five times your annual income, does not weigh in on this debate, I'm sure. No, you may not have had the wisdom to pull your salary up or your desires down to get your income in line with a starter home; how could you have, when you were using that gigantic brainpo...