Easy fixes for a saggy door

One solution involves using stouter fasteners, the other shims

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Q: Our front door faces the southwest and has a short overhang such that it takes a beating from the afternoon sun. We replaced our 36-by-80-inch wood-panel front door with a new fiberglass one. It has settled over the past 15 months. Also, it's sagging a bit. The old wood door sagged because of the many separate pieces that sagged. The new fiberglass door has a solid one-piece face, but the top corner is sagging just a bit so that it rubs against the jamb. I assume it's simply because of the weight of the door, settling over time and the expansion from warmer weather. The door uses hefty 5-by-5-inch hinges; the screws are tight; and they're not pulling out of the jambs. Being fiberglass, the door can't be planed easily. Do you have any suggestions on how to "lift" the door back up so that it doesn't rub? A: Houses settle and doors bind. It's an unfortunate fact of a homeowner's life. We have mentioned that the front corner of Kevin's house moves with the seaso...