New roof keeps out rain, but not cold

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Q: Even though we have done a good deal of work to increase energy efficiency in our 1960 split-level home, we are having a difficult time keeping the warm air inside the house during winter months. We have replaced all the windows with energy-efficient windows. We have R-19 insulation in the attic. Last year we had a new furnace installed. Most of the heating ducts are in the crawlspace under the house or the garage. Some are in the walls to reach certain rooms since it is a split level. Our house is very cozy and we have had relatively low energy bills in the winter. But this past October we had a new asphalt shingle roof put on. The house was already equipped with soffit vents and the roofing contractor added eight passive vents on the roof. Now, all the cold air coming into the attic means our house maintains the furnace heat for only a short time. What can we do to keep the warmth in the house during the winter? Should we add more insulation in the attic? Or should w...