NAR reveals national property database details

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Leadership for the National Association of Realtors is "very committed" to a plan to create a massive national property database to serve as a resource for agents and brokers, the leader of the group spearheading the plan announced Thursday. Gary Thomas, a Southern California RE/MAX broker who has led the advisory group, said during a Thursday session at the National Association of Realtors' annual midyear conference that there are plans to form an advisory board and launch a pilot project for the database. The MLS Future Presidential Advisory Group was formed in 2006 to conceptualize a possible new form and function for the patchwork of multiple listing services that stretch across the country. The group's vision, and the shape and name of the project have morphed over time. Once referred to as the Gateway and later called The Real Estate Channel, the project is now referred to as the Library/Archive. Some industry participants have expressed ...