Shopping for wallpaper made easy

Don't leave home without floor and paint samples, room dimensions

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There are two things you can pretty much be assured of when it comes to wallpaper: The right paper can make a dramatic decorating difference in a room, and actually finding the right paper can be an overwhelmingly daunting task. Go into any wallpaper store, paint store, home center or other retailer and you'll be confronted with dozens if not hundreds of wallpaper sample books. Considering that each book may contain upwards of a hundred or more different papers, you can see how quickly the number of choices you have can run well into the thousands. To avoid randomly flipping through books until your eyes glaze over, you need to have a plan in mind before you ever head to the store. Start by looking through magazines or browsing decorator sites on the Internet. Don't look for the perfect paper -- instead, concentrate on what you like, and, equally important, what you don't like about the rooms you're seeing. You may notice that you are being continually drawn to vertical pat...