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Lost my car keys again

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I wear a pen on a chain around my neck; it is my only hope for being able to find it when I need it. My husband finds my car keys in the refrigerator as I run around the house frantically searching for them. Everyone tells me this is a good thing. My neighbor sees me at the grocery store and says, "How are you?" and "I have not seen you for weeks." I tell her that I have been busy. She smiles and says that's good, as I drag myself to the checkout line and get ready to make that all-important plastic or paper decision. Some days it seems like I spend all my time on the phone. They call it negotiating but it seems like I am arguing all day. My dog looks at me longingly waiting for her walk but I am still on the phone. My neighbors comment that they have not seen me in the park with the dog for awhile. I say that I have been busy; they say that is good. If my dog could talk she would say the same thing, after she had a walk. I get up at 4:30 a.m., can't m...