Gas prices pique interest in Walk Score

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Dive into the latest Technology impacting real estate, Jan 22, 2018

With gas prices surging over $4 a gallon, a Web site that scores the walkability of a neighborhood is enjoying what its developers hope will be more than just 15 minutes of fame. The Web site, Walk Score, sizes up the stores, restaurants, schools, parks and other destinations within walking distance of a given property and uses that information to calculate a walkability score between zero and 100. The site was dreamed up by Seattle-based, environmentally and socially conscious "civic software" developer Front Seat, which hopes people will use the site to find homes and apartments in walkable neighborhoods. Front Seat is making a Walk Score tile available to real estate professionals -- or anybody else who wants to embed the tool in their Web sites -- that's been embraced by sites like and is now generating 100,000 views a month. Someday, the company hopes Walk Scores will become a standard feature of property listings, and is currently developin...