Home sellers who understand market prosper

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Buyers aren't the only ones holding back in today's housing market. Many sellers are postponing putting their homes on the market because they are convinced that now is not a good time to sell. They would prefer to wait for a better market. Waiting could be risky if you need to make a move within the next year or so. Most areas of the country are mired in a slow market where sellers are finding it difficult to sell, at least at a price they'd be willing to accept. There's no guarantee that if you wait to sell that the market will be any better than it is now, at least in the short term. However, the market isn't slow everywhere. Some areas, like San Francisco, Palo Alto (Calif.) and parts of the East San Francisco Bay Area are still suffering from a lack of inventory. Or, lack of the right kind of inventory. Recently, there were six offers on a hot new listing in Piedmont, Calif., a city adjacent to Oakland. Multiple offers are commonplace in Palo Alto and San Francisco. ...