Put lawn upkeep on autopilot

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Everyone loves a nice-looking yard, but dragging those hoses and sprinklers around to keep everything watered can be a real chore -- especially when you add in the different watering cycles required by some communities and the adjustments that are often necessitated by seasonal weather changes. If you're thinking about an easier way to get the lawn and flowers watered, it might be time to consider a sprinkler timer. There are sizes and styles that will work with anything from a complex underground system to a simple hose and sprinkler, in both electric and battery-operated models. HOSE TIMERS If you typically use a hose and sprinkler and are simply looking to be able to turn it on and off at preset times, a battery-powered hose timer will do the trick very nicely. Hose timers consist of a small control box with a female fitting above it that screws directly to an exterior faucet, and have a male fitting below the control box that the hose is attached to. A 9-volt battery p...