Kitchen cabinets make great French doors

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Q: I removed my old kitchen cabinet doors and bought new ones -- natural maple, RTF -- via the Internet. I am happy with them, but I mistakenly bought two extra doors that are much too big and two doors that are barely too small. I can't return them. So here's what I want to do: 1. I plan to have one of the big doors cut in half and wish to have each half bored with two hidden hinges. I will use them as French doors in a spot where I forgot to order a door. I don't know how to use power tools other than a drill and electric screwdriver. Is there someplace where I can take the door to be sliced in half? Where or how can I drill the proper size circle for the hidden hinge, just like the other doors'? Is this something I can do myself with the proper drill bit? 2. I am considering cutting one of the smaller doors down so that I can make a lazy Susan set for a corner below my counter. I would require only one hidden hinge for this. Each panel of the lazy Susan would be about...