Pest repairs are turnoff for buyers

If sellers can't fix problems, list price should come down

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In a perfect world, houses wouldn't deteriorate over time. In reality, the wear begins as soon as a house is built. Older houses tend to have more maintenance issues. But, even new homes can develop problems within a few years if they were poorly constructed. Most homes are inspected for damage caused by wood pests -- such as dry rot, termites, fungus, decay and wood-boring beetles -- before they are sold. Who pays to correct the damage -- buyer or seller -- is often subject to negotiation. In a hot seller's market with a high percentage of multiple offers, buyers frequently buy "as is" regarding known defects to better their chances. This was common several years ago when home prices were rising rapidly. At that time, owning a home was more important than the condition of the property. One problem with buying "as is" with respect to pest work is that it's easy to overlook the fact that the work needs to be done. Many buyers who bought "as is" ...