Condo ‘passes financing’ but is it structurally sound?

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Often our response to a question posed by a reader triggers another question from another reader on a related but different topic. A couple of weeks ago a reader wanted to know if it was necessary to have the interior of a condominium inspected before purchase. We encouraged him to do so. That column sparked this question from another reader: Q: Should a buyer be hiring a building inspector if the building is old? I am thinking of buying a condo in an old building that's recently been made into new condos -- all new everything, including interior walls. I am not so much concerned with the interior as I am in finding out about the condition of the building -- its foundation, if there was old damage from previous earthquakes, etc. Supposedly it was earthquake retrofitted to city codes in 1997, but I don't know what that means. At the planning department they said it means the floors and ceiling were braced to the walls. The mortgage broker is telling me not to worry because ...