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A few weeks ago I was at the zoo with my nephew. He is 13, and like most 13-year-olds he still knows things that the rest of us have forgotten but at the same time he doesn't have enough experience at life to know much. He was watching me take pictures and asking questions. I explained to him what the pictures would be used for and why I love to take them. He told me what a shame it is that I didn't get "good" at photography earlier in life. He seemed to feel that it is a waste for someone who is even older than his father to learn something new. I told him that learning is something that should never stop, and that it isn't about going to school. He doesn't understand the difference between school and learning yet. He wasn't buying it but maybe he will when he is 14. He doesn't always like school because his teachers spend a lot of time emphasizing his weaknesses instead of encouraging his strengths, which seem to be in math. He should be doing something fun wi...