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The Global Real Estate Connection

How innovators are popping up around the globe

Editor's note: Real Estate Connect New York City, scheduled Jan. 7-9, 2009, is billed as "Global Connect -- A World of Innovation." In this article, Inman News founder Bradley Inman reflects on real estate in the global setting. In his book, "The Post-American World," Fareed Zakaria offers a blueprint for the United States to participate in the growing world economy -- not as a bully, but as a partner. He describes how fear-driven parochial isolationism is eroding our position as a leader on the global stage, and how arrogance could cripple our economy and our way of life. I agree. These fears run deep throughout our culture. Many Americans loathe immigration and yet they are inspired to visit Venice to relish their European immigrant past. It may be another sign that America's day is passing, as we imagine an easier life somewhere else in another period of history that no longer requires hard work, innovation and tolerance. As the real estate industr...