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MeGlobe crosses online language barriers

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It may sound like the stuff of science fiction: Instant language translation during live communication. And it's not a perfect science yet, but the technology is improving. That is good news for Christophe Choo, a real estate agent in Beverly Hills, Calif., who has an international clientele. Even though he speaks four languages, he sometimes encounters language barriers with clients and prospective clients. "A lot of my clients are foreign investors or absentee owners who live abroad and own properties here in the Los Angeles area," he said. Choo has used online translation services in which you enter text in your preferred language and then request a translation into another language. Google Translate and Yahoo's Babel Fish are among the free online examples. But the lag time in pasting or typing text at those sites and cutting and pasting the translated text into an online chat window makes real-time communication cumbersome using those tools. Also, Choo said ...