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Realtors not immune to foreclosure

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It seems that some consumers believe Realtors created the current housing mess by selling too many homes. It isn't quite that simple, but they state that we sold too many homes for too high a price and now the buyers are stuck with homes that they can't pay for and that are declining in value. True, I have sold some homes and I even go out of my way to meet people who want to buy homes. I look for people who want to sell them, too. It is very rare to meet a seller who wants to list a home for less than the price I recommend, but it has happened. It never occurred to me that I could be doing something wrong or, worse yet, something that might hurt someone else. I did help people purchase homes that later declined in value. I also helped people buy homes that they could not afford. Someone helped me buy a home in 1989 that is worth less today than it was in 2005. I wish I could remember her name. Did she sell it to me? What consumers are not seeing and I am not reading abo...