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I went for a run yesterday. This is not big news, but it is news nonetheless, and it has inspired this latest installment in my Big Giant Metaphor series. You see, in days of yore (yore being last spring), I made a practice of going for a run several times a week. And I should probably begin by clarifying that, for me, an activity qualifies as running if it involves just two components: forward movement and an iPod. All of that other stuff, like time and distance, is just window dressing. Negotiating my route on all fours while being outpaced by postpartum moms with jogging strollers and 5-year-olds with training wheels still qualifies as a run so long as I don't accept the passing paramedic's gracious offer for a ride home. That's just cheating. So, I went for a run. I realized that I have been making excuses for too long. I'm too busy, I'm too tired, it's too cold, or it's too hot -- these are the little permission slips I tend to write myself when the reality is that I j...