Tenant doomed after pest-control accident

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Q: I recently caused a small fire and damage to my apartment by mistake. I was trying to get rid of some roaches and I didn't want to bother the landlord so I went to the store and bought some of those pest-control foggers. Something went wrong and they created an explosion that blew my patio doors off the hinges and shattered the master bedroom window. Luckily, no one was injured and there was only minor fire damage to a limited portion of the kitchen. But I did have to stay away from the apartment for five days for repairs. The contractors replaced the patio doors, the bedroom window glass, the hole in the kitchen wall from the fireman, and the kitchen floor. The apartment complex is charging me $1,233 for damages. Shouldn't the landlord's property insurance cover the damages? If their insurance does cover it then why are they charging me? I'm a desperate single parent and they want this money by Friday. What should I do? A: I see this as a very straightforward situation...