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Not in my best interest to buy?

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Editor's note: The following is a reader comment in response to the Sept. 4 Inman News story, "Realtors not immune to foreclosure." "I highly doubt that a lot of consumers feel that Realtors are to blame for the present situation in real estate. Real estate has been and will continue to be cyclical. The trick is to be able to find the middle ground between feast or famine. "The foreclosure crisis hits all nationalities, income levels, educational levels. No one is immune! "My house is worth less than when I bought it, but what can I do? I will keep plugging away, keep exceeding my clients' expectations, and try to service my clients the best way I can. "I know many a Realtor who bought too much house without regard to 'later on down the road.' "I wonder how many agents, Realtors, brokers, etc., have told a client that it was not in their best interest to buy at a certain time? We as brokers, agents and Realtors should have some grasp...