Toilets: the good, the bad, the ugly

Many say rebates offered by local utilities inspired purchase

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Praise to our readers, they've done it again. Last week we wrote about dual-flush, water-conserving toilets when, after returning from a trip to France, a reader questioned why she could not find a dual-flush model similar to the one she used in France to install in her Alameda, Calif., home. We lamented the fact that our 1.6-gallon toilets were inadequate and directed her to two manufacturers and one possible supplier where she could find dual-flush commodes. We thought the whole thing was pretty white bread. Fooled us. The column generated a good bit of interest and some valuable information that we're happy to pass along. Another traveler wrote echoing our Francophile: "We recently returned from a two-week tour of Croatia last month, starting in Dubrovnik then continued touring by sailboat to many ports, cities and villages. Every place where we used rest rooms, they had dual-flush toilets, and we were not in the 'high-end' tourist spots. If in Croatia, why so di...