Landlord, I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

Tenant who left on bad terms seeks to use good referral to his advantage

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Q: I lived at an apartment community for many years, but my lease was not renewed because I was falsely accused of breaching my lease. I have found another rental home that is OK, but I miss my neighbors and regret that I had to move. Recently in a casual conversation with my new landlord I was surprised to learn that my prior landlord actually gave me a good reference. I would really rather live at my original community with all my friends. It was only a verbal reference, but can I use that positive referral and go back to the prior apartment community? Wouldn't the fact that my old landlord told my new landlord that I was a good tenant require him to rent to me again? A: I don't think that your former landlord is required to re-rent to you based solely on the positive verbal reference he gave to your new landlord. Remember that there is no requirement that he give a reference in the first place so I don't agree that you can use his positive recommendation against him. He...