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The long and short of bailout impacts

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Editor's note: The following is a collection of real estate professionals' responses to a real estate-related question. QUESTION: What do you foresee as the positive short-term and long-term impacts of the proposed federal bailout plan on the housing market? Negatives? Dan Melson, Realtor and loan officer Clarion Mortgage Capital Clarity Real Estate Network San Diego, Calif. There will still be credit available with which to buy houses. The federal government was correct in that they had to do something. Longer term, this is a disaster, but it's kind of difficult to metaphorically worry about the incidence of cancer 20 years down the line when there's a nuclear bomb about to go off now. The government gets a low but passing grade on its response to this financial crisis, because by bringing the burden of the bad loans onto the backs of the taxpayer, they encourage further bad behavior.   Rowena Patton Broker-Realtor Patton Property Group, Kelle...