Glass painting tips from the pros

Homeowner seeks short-term fix until remodel

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Q: Sometime in the past 50 or so years, someone thought it would be nice to remodel my entire entrance hall with glass blocks. And since it was never maintained, I am sure the wall below will have some water damage. Anyway, because of the glass, the hall is always cold in the winter and hot during the summer. And it just looks bad and worn out. I would like to paint it over on the inside. Can it be done? I'm looking for a cosmetic fix until the day comes when I can get that entire side of the hall rebuilt. A: You bet you can paint glass. Be aware that, as with any paint job, preparation is the key. It's a good thing this is a short-term cosmetic fix, as the inside will look presentable, but the outside may look rough as a cob. More than likely the glass blocks were installed to get light into the cramped space. The unintended consequence was heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Painting the blocks white will help with temperature control, but it will make the hall d...