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Make your own luck

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I was leaving a restaurant with my husband and youngest daughter when Steve spotted a coin on the ground. "Look, Emily, a lucky penny!" he shrieked. As my daughter bent down to reach for it, I countered with my own shriek, "No! It's tails!" You see, being enlightened and well-studied in the rules of lucky pennies, I knew that they are lucky only if they are resting heads up. Trust me; it's been studied. My husband, on the other hand, is less educated in this regard. One could argue he needs to get out more. My daughter didn't miss a beat, however. She proceeded to grasp the copper prize (OK, mostly zinc, but you get the point) and flip it over, returning it to its place on the sidewalk. Only then did she explain that she always does this, and she does this so the next guy will be lucky. Wow! That's a loophole I had never thought of! My husband called this gaming the system, while I saw it more as a random act of kindness. In any event, this close encoun...