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The French way of selling real estate

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PARIS -- Countries often develop their arrogance from their great cities; thanks to Paris, the French exhibit a sense of specialism about their special place on the planet. The French authenticity is difficult to challenge -- the bread, the wine, the architecture and the fashion to name a few distinctions. However, the country is often just downright different. Take the real estate market; it is a maze of varying processes and systems than can boggle the mind. On the other hand, the French real estate market offers consumer more choices. Without a comprehensive MLS system, real estate companies represent 50 percent of the properties for sale, but the other half of the listings are "peer-to-peer" sales -- the U.S. equivalent of FSBOs when sellers find buyers directly without the aid of an agent. is the most popular P-to-P site, which charges a small fee to list the property, similar to a classified advertising model. The consumer-direct trend began with ...