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Don’t leave your Web leads hangin’

Part 2: Does your Web site do this?

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(This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Read Part 1, "Sure-fire ways to boost Web leads.") Does your Web site consistently generate leads that turn into closed business? If not, today's column explains how you can take your Web leads and turn more of them into closed business. You have a great Web site that is rich in content, that is highly targeted, easy to navigate, and is focused exclusively on the lifestyle of your Web visitors. The challenge for most agents is that they generate leads, but don't convert them. Consumers do not want to give you their contact information because they are afraid that you are going to bombard them with marketing materials. To address this issue, Michael Russer encourages his clients to use a privacy policy. A well-crafted privacy policy guarantees that any information the Web visitor provides will be private and that the information will not be shared with anyone else. Without a privacy policy, most Web visitors will leave your si...