Landlord refuses to part with ’70s shag

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Q: I rent a small cottage and have some concerns about my carpet. It's the kind of carpet that can best be described as 1970s-style shag with all the different color browns so you can't tell where there are spots and stains. I hate to think about what stains could have happened in the last 30 years! My landlord promised to replace the carpet before I took possession of the rental, but when it came time to move-in he just had it "cleaned." One day last month my toilet backed up and was running for 13 hours while I was at work. With 2 inches of water in the bathroom it spilled over into my bedroom and thoroughly soaked the carpet through at least half the room. It was to the point where the water would squish up through my toes. I feared that my furniture would begin to mold as it sat in this toilet water mess. So I pulled all of the carpet and padding up, there was still about 1/2 inch of water remaining after that. I contacted my landlord the next day and inform...