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Why I still have no contact database

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I follow the rule -- I don't even remember where I read it -- that my success in my real estate business is based on a three-month lag, that what I do today influences whether I am going to be eating ramen or steak 90 days from now. Given that, my goal for October was to set up some sort of contact management database: My business is growing beyond my ability to run it off Post-its, and I wanted to do what I have not been able to do for two years, which was to have a busy spring. Well, it's November and still no database. For good or for ill, I did other things. I find that that is one of the most difficult aspects of this business, that the present gets in the way of the future. But in the spirit of self-examination, here's what I did instead, and why I did it: 1) Closed a personal sale. I sold my second home, which was an investment property that I had once lived in. Tying up the loose ends -- which included evicting the tenants, moving a bunch of furniture into storage...