Easier ways to kill water hammer?

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A previous column on "water hammers" struck a chord with two of our readers. One accused us of being "on the take" for suggesting that our homeowner might have to open a wall or call a plumber. Another offered another avenue to explore if there is noise in the pipes. Both suggestions bear repeating. Our first reader wrote: "How much did the plumbers pay you to give that answer to the question about hammering pipes? "I had a severe hammer in my 1923 house, and my wonderful neighbor told me just what to do. The house was built with the air chamber 'shock absorber' you described, but it somehow got filled up with water. My neighbor told me to bleed the system -- that is, turn off the supply at the sidewalk and open every faucet in the house and garden. "After all the water drained out, I turned the supply back on, let it run until the faucets all stopped sputtering, and then turned all the faucets off and the water back on. The hammer was g...